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Time in a gaze/Words about (dis)appearing things

Video installation of 4 videos, colour, Dutch spoken, English subtitles
43 min, 16:9

This video installation is an answer – that cannot be definitive – to the questions I asked in my previous project TRACINGS (2010-2012): the research into the status of things, our dealing with them and our inability to find an answer to those questions. The 4 videos of this video installation symbolize, each in a different perception of time, the disappearing and appearing of the thing: the value of something or somebody that becomes clear when he/she/it isn’t there anymore. The three smaller videos can be projected on the opposite wall of the bigger central film with the hands painting a vase. A voice is telling what was the impressing during that act of ‘painting the vase away’.

Stills Bie Michels