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Performing Objects - End to End

2015 – 2017
Found objects, tape, cord, glue, paper, textile,…
variable regarding installation and duration, +/- 3 hours
Edition of 4

Performing Objects, home based in Enough Room for Space, Brussels, consists of a group of artists that experiments with objects and their possibilities to act as an interactive performer towards its users or audience.

End to End
For the project End To End the group created a performance score which is inspired by Lean Management, a form of factory management developed by Toyota in Japan. For the group this management method emphasizes the importance of the individual in the production line – in contradiction to capitalistic production lines where only (the mass production of) the object counts.

Some members of the group made and performed an installation as an artistic interpretation of an assembly line where systems of interaction between man and things are investigated. Objects are transformed and manipulated during performative acts, outlined in a score that leaves space to free interpretation, reflecting both on factory work and on the creative process of the artist. During the performance the group-members were constantly searching for a harmony between efficiency, planning, improvisation and reflection.

End to End can be executed again and again, in varying conditions, on different locations and by changing participants. Variations of the project were performed in:

China (Systence Electronics factory and M50 Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2015), with Alice De Mont, Céline Butaye, Bie Michels and Kristof Van Gestel.

Madagascar (CRAAM, Centre de Ressources des Arts Actuels de Madagascar, Antananarivo, 2016) with Dina Rabearivelo, Liantsoa Rakotonaivo, Carine Ratovonarivo, Bie Michels.

Raversyde, Ostend (Private Tag, 2016), with Leontien Allemeersch, Lauren Grusenmeyer, Bie Michels, Kristof Van Gestel and Ann Dekeersmaecker, Anne-Marie Sampaio, Anouchka Oler, Bart Van Dijck, Danny Vercauteren, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Dries Segers, Elli Vassalou and Simon Van Schuylenbergh.

Ghent (MSK, 2017), with Stien Bekaert, BiBi-lal Kamilla Arnout, Bie Michels, Koning Stekkie, Ann de Keersmaecker.

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