Des histoires… et des briques at Is’Art Gallery

19 october 2017 - 27 october 2017

Location: Is'Art Gallery, VC 59Q rue Vittori Françoise, 101 Antananarivo (MG)

Première of the film La couleur de la brique, together with work of Malagasy artists who made an work especially for this exhibition, with the subject of the brick in his historical, cultural or social context.

Since the film was shot in Madagascar, in collaboration with Malagasy artists, workers and an anthropologist, it is important to show it there first and foremost.

With Dina Rabearivelo, Liantsoa Rakotonaivo, Carine Ratovonarivo, RIJASOLO (Rija Randrianasolo), Mme Zo (Zoarinivo Razakaratrimo)

Exhibition text (in French)

Curator Bie Michels

Photos Bie Michels