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Bricks - Piles of Bricks 6

Performative installation with 5000 bricks
Edition 6 of 6

The project Bricks consists of the 2 video installations La couleur de la brique (2017) and Ingahi Kama (2018), the installation Circular construction versus human body – referring to Toshikatsu Endo (2018), the publication Piles des Bricks/Piles des briques (2020), the installations and performances Piles of Bricks (2020-ongoing) and the drawing series Brick Dust (2020-ongoing).

Piles of Bricks 6 is a site-specific work for the exhibition ‘Kamer vol klei’ (‘Room full of clay’) in Museum Albert Van Dijck, Schilde (28 February 2023 – 4 June 2023). ‘Room full of clay’ ties together the tactile character of clay and the archetypal meaning of the pot – the symbol for bringing and coming together – in a central theme: the connection between man and earth. In this context I made this installation of a raven’s nest, starting with the performative scores (see ‘Piles of Bricks 5’) which I also used in the other editions of the ‘Piles of Bricks’ series. The raven’s nest is enveloping, offers protection and is round, in contrast to the squareness of the exhibition space and thus of the base on which it stands.