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Bricks - Piles of Bricks 4

Performance (+/- 35 min) and installation with 5000 bricks
Edition 4 of 6

The project Bricks consists of the 2 video installations La couleur de la brique (2017) and Ingahi Kama (2018), the installation Circular construction versus human body – referring to Toshikatsu Endo (2018), the publication Piles des Bricks/Piles des briques (2020), the installations and performances Piles of Bricks (2020-ongoing) and the drawing series Brick Dust (2020-ongoing).

Piles of Bricks 4 is a site-specific work, consisting of a performance and installation at Other Futures Festival in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, Spectres from Beyond (October 23 – November 11, 2021). It is realised in collaboration with Malagasy artist Liantsoa Rakotonaivo, based on scores that generate a new interpretation with each new installation and performance. They play with body vs. space, rhythm, migration, defense, continuously changing reality, …

Rakotonaivo made his own installation in Madagascar as well as a video. This video was projected simultaneously with my performance, on the wall in the middle of my installation. The perspectives from two different places were combined as we both reacted to each other in our own performance.

Photos Bie Michels, stills Karin Kooij