3 Ruimten – 3 Spaces at M HKA INBOX

17 sptember 2015 - 11 october 2015

Location: Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerp (BE)

The M HKA reserves its fifth floor for surprise events and intimate pop-up presentations. INBOX is a place that both inspires and surprises, and grants us a glimpse into the universe of passionate thinkers and doers.

3 Ruimten – 3 Spaces of Bie Michels takes part of the Alzheimer Code, for which M HKA reserves the INBOX space.

Following her father’s daily walks, Bie Michels was struck by his (literally) lost ground and made that into the video His Field. His ‘outdoor patch’ became increasingly smaller. Long walks had to make way for a trip along the safe perimeters of his compound. With music by Joachim Badenhorst.

In Scratches in her head, Bie Michels starts from the battle which her mother fought against Alzheimer, a battle which became more onerous as time progressed. The numerous notes and ‘aide memoires’ which she left behind are silent witnesses to this.

Not in my head and memory... is a computer montage of intermingling e-mails. What, exactly, they are about or from whom they come cannot be established, because the viewer gets to see only fleeting fragments of them, which conceal more than they reveal.

Photos by M HKA