A shadow image is a ‘second-hand image’. With a ‘second-hand image’ the viewer becomes actively involved. Because the relationship between this image and its original has been spatially interrupted, the image of the original  – the ‘eating and drinking hands’ of people at a specific table in a restaurant – is left to the imagination of the viewer and is therefore strengthened. And with a shadow image you also have the ‘less is more’ idea. (read more)

Filminstallation on monitor:

Hands - filmstill,  24min, 2009-2010
Filminstallation, 24min, 2009-2010

Preview: fragment 1min

Filminstallation with the projection of the text sliding past on the floor  in expo (Don’t) Mind the Body, 2011:

Hands installation sept 2010 Hands installation sept 2010
Filminstallation, 24min, 2009-2010

Preview film: text sliding, 1min