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Symptoms of the Future: BRICKS — BASKETS — POTS


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26 March — 16 May, 2021

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What makes it possible for a work of art to live simultaneously in the aesthetic and social worlds? How can we encourage or enhance a “multi-temporality” and cross the line between “common objects” and “artistic objects” without succumbing to the privatization of culture as a form of property? Questions like these are the crux of the year-long program SYMPTOMS OF THE FUTURE.

The first exhibition in this series BRICKS — BASKETS — POTS presents works by Bie Michels and Marjetica Potrč, exploring our deep connection to earth. A circular movement of soil and life is documented in the artists’ works.

Since 2016 Bie Michels explores the meaning of bricks throughout history. For this exhibition she starts from the performance “Piles of Bricks” (2020) realised in collaboration with Malagasy artist Liantsoa Rakotonaivo, and develops a new work “Brick Dust” (2020-2021) — a choreography for bricks performed during the exhibition and drawings on paper using the red dust that bricks shed. While the movement of bricks reconfigures the physical, heavy and earthly space, the drawing series “Mensenvogel” depict flying people made out of brick dust — airy, weightless and suspended in emptiness. A circular movement of soil and life is documented in this work.

‘(Pas) mon pays’ and ‘The Copy’

Trailer (Pas) mon pays: click here

Selection of the film ‘(Pas) mon pays’ for International film festivals:

FIF in Belo Horizonte (Brazilië) :
FICNC in Cotonou (Benin):
Arica Nativa in Chili:

Exhibition ‘The Copy’ in  Enough Room for Space, till april 2021 (by appointment), Drogenbos :

Following dates have been postponed, later dates will follow:

– The film ‘(Pas) mon pays’ + conversation:

      – Black History Month on 13 march 2020, 20-22u in De Cinema, Antwerp ( later on more info on their FB or website)
      – In Conversation (with Lucas Catherine and Anne Wetsi Mpoma) on 21 march 2020, 16u in  Enough Room for Space, Drogenbos :
      – Groen Antwerpen on 22 march 2020, 10-12u30 in Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp ( later on more info on their FB or website )
      – Afrika Film Festival on 2 may 2020, 17-19.30u in Cinema Zed, Leuven ( later on more info on their FB or website )

– The installation ‘The Copy’ + conversation:

Symposium ‘On Colonial Monuments’ on 20 march 2020, Middelheim Antwerp : ( registration is recommended !)


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